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      Construction technology of cement foam insulation board

      1, the installation of foamed cement insulating board

      1), standard specification sheet size is 300*300, diagonal error is less than 3mm, can be used for cutting small cutting saw cutting, heat insulation plate size allowable deviation is + 2.

      2), mesh cloth turning package: joint on both sides is sticky mesh deformation, the doors and the windows, the total width of about 200, turn over section width is 80, the specific practices are as follows: the grid cloth cutting length is 180 and the plate thickness. In the first part it over packet length is 80 the width of special adhesive for 2, and then pressed into 80 long grid cloth, the remaining out of standby.

      3), the special binder configured smear behind composite foamed cement board, adhesive compaction thickness is about 3, in order to ensure the best use of bonding, with dip method, also can use the stick method and strip method.

      4), strip adhesion method: tooth trowel special binder level direction evenly wipe the foam cement plate, strip width 10, the thickness of 10, from 50 in the.

      5), a point: with special binder on each plate and surrounding the middle with trowel, and then separated zone with a diameter of 50 in foamed cement plate, thickness of 10 ash cake.

      6), will put special adhesive foam cement boards quickly paste on the wall, to prevent surface crust and lose the binding effect.

      7), foamed cement insulating plate is stuck on the wall, 2 meters on the foot pressing operation application, ensure the smoothness and glued firmly, between the board and the board to squeeze tight, not because of the gap is not straight seam, cutting forming, binder is inserted and smooth. Each finished sticking a piece of plate, special binder extrusion surface should be clear.

      8), foamed cement paste should be sub bottom plate along the horizontal direction paving, each row of panels shall be staggered 1/2 plate length, local minimum staggered joint shall not be less than 100.

      2, the installation fixing piece:

      1) fixed in cement foam insulation board paste for 8 hours after the installation, and in the subsequent 24 hours. Drill, impact according to design requirements of the position of aperture 10, drill into the base wall depth is about 60, fixed anchor into the grassroots wall depth is about 50, to ensure reliable.

      2) fixed according to the number of each plate is arranged a.

      3) self tapping screws should be tightened and the engineering plastic expansion nail and surface neat compound foamed cement board or slightly screwed, ensure the expansion nail tail back twist, make its and the primary wall sufficient anchorage.

      3, grinding:

      1), foamed cement insulating board seam uneven application of coarse sandpaper, act as a gentle circular motion, grinding not along the direction parallel with the plate joint.

      2), polished promptly after floating dust brush clean.

      4, as a decorative line angle:

      1), according to the design requirements for ink ejection do line angle position, and horizontal and vertical orientation correction.

      2), concave angle using slotted the board cut notch notch, the thinnest part of not less than 15.

      3), convex angle should be according to the size of design after cutting, online angle and the corresponding foamed cement insulating board two brush interface agent a, then covered with special adhesive, make it solid paste.

      5, with the underlying polymer mortar:

      1), polymer mortar configuration with special binder.

      2), polymer mortar configured evenly on the plate, the thickness of 2

      6, press into the grid cloth:

      1), mesh cloth should be according to the working face length and width requirements tailoring, and should set aside the lap width. Grid cloth cutting should shun the warp and weft of.

      2), turning package in windows and doors around the hole mesh cloth, four angle should be added a layer of mesh cloth to strengthen, the mesh should be in the border turned on package and additional grid cloth.

      3), pack up position at the mouth of the cave and mesh extrusion plate front and side, applying polymer mortar (extruded board only allowed here ends with polymer mortar). The pre releases of mesh along the plate thickness flip, and press in the polymer mortar.

      4), the whole mesh along the horizontal direction straight and flat, pay attention to the mesh inside a face, with a trowel from middle to upper, both sides will mesh smoothing, so close to the. Grid cloth horizontal lap width of not less than 100, vertical lap length of not less than 80, the lap joints with polymer mortar added the blank space at the bottom mortar, shall not make mesh cloth folds, hollowing, become warped edge.

      5), the concave and convex line Kok, should narrow mesh embedded within the underlying polymer mortar, the whole mesh on the narrow grid cloth, lap width of 80.

      6), in the wall corner along both sides of mesh bidirectional winding angle of overlap, each side lap width of not less than 200.

      7, surface layer of polymer mortar:

      Wipe the floor polymer mortar and press into the grid cloth, until the mortar solidification to surface non stick in hand, began to surface layer of polymer mortar, plaster thickness to cover the grid for the quasi.

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