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        Feicheng Huijin performance of cement foam insulation board

        Foam insulation board is a kind of high performance inorganic thermal insulation material, it is a kind of porous lightweight high performance level cultural relics plate, is composed of many kinds of inorganic cementitious materials and modified agent, foaming agent, stirring system, maintenance system, cutting system, a thermal conductivity equipment production is low, heat insulation performance good, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, grade A1 incombustible inorganic heat preservation material, cement foam insulation board can be widely used for building exterior wall thermal insulation system.

        1, the green environmental protection

        Green environmental protection, no stimulation and the release of harmful gases; no mineral cotton floater on human skin and respiratory tract injury; smoke toxicity for security level (AQ1) production and construction and installation process and no harmful emissions and waste, emissions less; there is no double insulation removal of waste pollution to the environment.

        2, fire resistant

        Concrete foam insulation board refractory temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, combustion performance of A1 level, belongs to non combustible material, fire safety performance.

        3, high insulation resistance

        Concrete foam insulation board obturator rate is greater than 97%, the high rate of obturator make the air convection heat transfer significantly reduced, plate thermal conductivity cement foam insulation minimum can be reached 0.045W/m*k, coefficient of thermal conductivity and polystyrene board basic quite, can meet the need of building insulation.

        4, low water absorption rate

        Concrete foam insulation board is bibulous rate is low, ensure products are not in the humid environment, mildew, will not affect the insulation performance, ensure the safety, product durability.

        5, high strength and light weight

        Concrete foam insulation board solves the technical problem of materials with low density and high strength stultify oneself, reached a relatively uniform. Density of 180KG per cubic meter, compressive strength can reach above 0.2MPa, meet the requirements for strength of transportation and engineering application.

        6, long-life aging

        General organic insulation board system for a lifetime of 25 years, life expectancy due to thick buildings do two to three times the thermal insulation; cement foam insulation board the life is more than 50 years, and the life of the building will keep building lifetime, only one thermal insulation construction.

        7, it has good integrity

        Concrete foam insulation board through improved technology, refractory limit for more than 3 hours, and always keep it intact, it will not fly, the overall good.

        8, resistance to freezing and thawing

        Concrete foam insulation board is my R & D team on the new thermal insulation material to obtain foamed cement product improving existing products after, after 25 times of freeze-thaw experiment, mass loss rate of less than 5%, strength loss rate of less than 20%, plate which can still own stable in physical and chemical property changes in the weather in the complex.

        9, good sound insulation

        Internal structure contains a large number of independent bubble, sound-absorbing capacity is 5-7 times that of ordinary concrete, sound insulation effect can reach 60dB (140mm) is a new type of foam cement sound-absorbing sound insulation material.

        10, and the specificity is good

        Concrete foam insulation board is porous material, cement, mortar, wall and homogeneous, good interface, simple cleaning paste it directly, and viscous solid.

        11, low cost

        Concrete foam insulation board several key indicators, the use effect, energy saving index is superior to similar products, 50 years service life can reach, from building the probation period repetition of organic material wall insulation construction, the overall down the building thermal insulation and can reduce the cost of 3-5 times.

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