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          Concrete foam insulation board production of raw materials

          The main material is cement, adding hydrogen peroxide, calcium stearate, fly ash and cement foaming agent, foaming and fusion. Foamed cement insulating board is currently the wall insulation and wall insulation fireproof isolation belt of thermal insulation material is the most ideal, the advantages are: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, not combustion, waterproof wall, and strong adhesion, high strength, non-toxic radioactive material, environmental protection.

          Cement, powdery hydraulicity inorganic cementitious material. After mixing with water into a paste, hardening can be hardened in the air or in the water better, and be able to sand, stone and other materials, firmly cemented together. The word cement comes from the Latin caementum development, is the stone and rubble.

          Hydrogen peroxide solution, chemical formula H2O2, commonly known as the aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, the appearance is colorless transparent liquid, is a strong oxidizing agent, suitable for wound disinfection disinfection, food and environment.

          Hard calcium with phenol and potash salt forming reaction, carboxylation reaction with carbon dioxide, acid prepared. A white crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol, ether and acetone. As for the synthesis of organic synthesis, pesticide, dye, medicine, anti-corrosion and other purposes.

          Fly ash, flue gas is collected from coal combustion in the fine ash, fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plant. The main oxides of fly ash in thermal power plants in China is composed of: SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, Fe2O3, CaO, TiO2 etc..

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