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      Safety regulations for Feicheng Huijin sleeper

      Sleeper loading and unloading, handling safety rules

      The 1 sleeper highway transportation should be used with a fixed frame of vehicles, transport vehicles should be in line with the sleeper size, loading level is not more than 6 layer, after loading shall be secured to prevent displacement, occurred in transit.

      The 2 sleeper railway transportation should loading scheme according to the railway departments approved for loading.

      3 when loading, between each stack of sleeper plug two triangular wedge of wood, to prevent damage during transport collision, sleeper.

      4 carry the sleeper shall comply with the following provisions:

      (1) carrying a concrete sleeper should be 4 A; bridge sleeper, sleeper should increase carry personnel.

      (2) carrying a sleeper, hanging pillow should be firm, lifted should be smooth, placed when the pace should be consistent.

      (3) single carry wood should be fixed personnel shoulder. To arrive at the designated location, should be the end of the wood, wood is erect, and then down, should not shrug a throw, avoid collisions with others.

      The 5 sleeper car, no touch, hit, throw, torsion, avoid endangering safety of personnel and equipment.

      6 button throwing should not parts handling process, to avoid injury.

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