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          Feicheng Huijin conveying equipment selection

          One, the conditions are the main consideration

          Most of the warehouse is in the air conditioning and lighting work under the condition. If the extreme temperature conditions, especially the selection of belt, the bearings and drive unit. Although the warehouse is in relatively clean environment, but the conveyor system may have to connect the relatively clean area and the harsh environment (such as waste paper box area). Some articles are based on health, safety factor, must be isolated, these factors will also affect the design of transmission system and storage areas.

          All goods handling equipment, need to maintain in different degree, the gravity type system, usually only the regular inspection, to ensure that the wheel rotation is normal. In the complex system, by the manufacturers to provide regular maintenance measures. The Ordinary Company for the expensive production equipment, will build fixed maintenance personnel, but for the warehouse equipment feel no need and ignore. In fact, in the preliminary planning stage, for handling complex systems, maintenance costs, should be included in the procurement budget, consider the factor selection and evaluation and maintenance requirements must also be included in the system.

          Choose two, conveying equipment considerations

          Because of the direct contact surface and the conveyor transport goods, so goods characteristics directly affect the selection and design of system equipment. Characteristics of conveying articles including the surface properties, size, weight (soft or hard), the rate of processing, packaging and center of gravity, are all factors to consider.

          Planning, should be to all goods delivery list, the largest and the smallest, the heaviest and most light, sealed and non sealed. Will affect the design in the design is not only the largest or most equipment heavy items.

          Such as lighter items may not be able to make the sensor actuator, the smaller items will also affect the equipment type selection, such as the drum or belt type. For some accumulation conveyor, has an important impact on weight distribution. In the planning, the system does not need to handle all of the items, can be second sets of systems or artificial way to deal with a less frequently used items, may be more economic.

          All new conveyor, must with the existing goods processing equipment, the best fit. A simple system, such as the use of high pile; complex system, such as the use of robots, unmanned vehicle, or access machine. The existing system will influence the selection and configuration of equipment, especially in the transfer of the transfer operation point.

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