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    Feicheng Huijin conveying equipment maintenance

    In order to ensure the reliable delivery of equipment operation, the most important is to discover and remove the faults may occur. Therefore the operator must observe the transport work, such as abnormal shall timely handle. The mechanic should or parts of regular inspection and check for any need to pay attention, this is very important. For example, a roller, is not very important, but the material conveyor wear high speed conveyor belt may soon put its casing wear, the emergence of a blade, the blade can seriously damage a conveyor expensive belt. The trained workers and experienced staff can find the impending accident, and nip in the bud. Belt conveyor belt accounts for a considerable proportion of the whole conveyor cost. In order to reduce the cost of replacement and repair of conveyor belt, must pay attention to the operating personnel and repair personnel to conveyor belt running and repair knowledge training.

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