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        Feicheng Huijin on belt conveyor is introduced

        Belt conveyor includes: 90 degrees, 180 degrees belt turning machine belt turning machine, stainless steel belt turning machine, a 45 degree turning machine belt,

        Stainless steel belt conveyor, belt conveyor, plastic nozzle press belt conveyor, belt elevator, electronic components belt conveyor, belt conveyor, the lamp inspection multi belt conveyor.

        Belt conveyor belt use continuous or intermittent motion to transport a variety of different articles, can transport all kinds of bulk materials, but also transport a variety of cardboard boxes, packaging bags and other little unit weight of goods, a wide range of uses. Conveyor belt material: rubber, rubber, PVC, PU and other materials, in addition to ordinary material conveying, but also to meet the transmission oil resistant, corrosion prevention, electrostatic and other special requirements for material. The use of dedicated food grade conveyor belt, can meet the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry requirements. Structure: groove belt machine, flat belt machine, climbing belt machines, turning machines and other forms belt, conveyor belt can also be created to enhance the tailgate, skirts and other accessories, can meet a variety of technological requirements. With both sides of the conveyor table, the installation of lights, can be used as assembly of electronic instruments, such as food packaging line. Drive are: speed motor drive, electric drive roller.

        Mode: frequency control, stepless transmission

        Frame materials are: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum profile.

        The characteristics of belt conveyor machine performance: conveyor belt and motion friction drive principle according to, a large amount of transportation, long conveying distance, stable conveying, material and the conveyor belt there is no relative motion, low noise, simple structure, convenient repair, energy consumption advantages, standardized components

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