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              Feicheng Huijin new materials Co., Ltd. located in Shandong Province, Feicheng City, the main mine sleepers, supporting materials etc.. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide quality service to customers first" principle to provide our clients. Welcome to patronize!
              The birthplace of our national quality standard of subordination, the old state-owned enterprises was born in 1958 in Shandong Feicheng mining group, depending on the product quality of life for the enterprise, the first production of cement products and cement sleeper supporting products have been in use for 30 years, now is still in use. After 30 years of development, (20 years of state 10 years private) mine sleeper and supporting materials, annual sales of 400000 produced by our company (root) set. Thanks to the user with the help of a friend, product best-selling country except Tibet all the provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Ningxia, Gansu, three provinces in Northeast China are our company's long-term users friends, and some products of export. Our company is the production of mine sleeper class product safety material categories are concrete sleeper, rail, sleeper pillow anticorrosive oil, a bolt plate, U ring, the elastic rail fixing device forms an fastening form classification, are widely used in coal, iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, city railway, sightseeing railway, subway, space base etc..
              Our company has an annual output of 50 sets of mine concrete sleeper production line set, from the exact ingredients, die casting, steam curing and demoulding, a packing all mechanized, digital operation. Concrete sleeper products every day can also produce 6 specifications and types of products, the release, 2 days can reach C20 strength, can transport and installation. 28 days C40 strength, the finished product storage yard long reserved sleeper 2-3 million, to meet the needs of customers, our company has developed grouting prestressed high strength steel mine wire bolt, anchor cable, the tensile strength of the patent is riveting rod tail bolt technology for steel strand 1860MPa. The cable body is a hollow structure, with the grouting core pipe, using reverse grouting method, not only can eliminate cavitation void may, anchoring slurry filled drill, but also saves the exhaust pipes and grouting pipe special joint, not at the scene to turn the grouting pipe, exhaust pipe and sealing grouting hole, so the construction steps in order to simplify.


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